CARE to share Millhopper Family Dentistry Our 11th annual “Care to Share” event will be held on Saturday February 29, 2020 in conjunction with Valentine’s Day and Dental Health Month.

Care to Share is first come-first serve treatment to the first 100 patients. Show up early and we will hand out numbers to the first 100 people in line at 7:30am. All that patients need to bring with them is a photo id. Just make sure to show up early, over the past few years we have had people get in line starting on Friday afternoon. Please remember to prepare for the weather and bring snacks and water to have while waiting in line for treatment.

Over the last ten years, the annual Care to Share free day of dentistry event held by Millhopper Family Dentistry has been a huge success. Over 50 volunteers have been able to take care of dental needs for over 1000 patients.

Helping the Community

Millhopper Family Dentistry is helping to change lives by offering free smiles to the underserved who need dental work, as they offer a free day of dentistry.

“Now more than ever, I know there are people out there that need our services, but have no means to afford them. ‘Care to Share’ is our way of giving back, and helping people right here in our community who are in need of dental care.”

The event takes place at Millhopper Family Dentistry 3510 NW 43rd Street, Gainesville, FL 32606.

We look forward to this year’s Care to Share event!

Care to Share

We are pleased to give back to the community. Please contact us, if you wish to know more.